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Finding Fox

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Here are the pictures from our very first Morning Glory Excursion! We visited the reserve where Wilson had once encountered the fox that we talked about in Episode 4. We managed to find it straight away and I managed to … Continue reading

Souvenirs from China!


                  The Chairman Mao hat and ‘Quotes from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung’ that Wilson brought back from China.    

Series 2 wrap up

Series 2 File

I never realised how much documentation went into a show that is supposed to be primarily improvised. I’d hate to see that pile if we actually put real work into things. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed what we had to … Continue reading

DMX gets healthy with some squatting

DMX squatting

                                Talented rapper DMX has apparently taken our advice and judging by the picture is now squatting regularly for his health. It seems however he … Continue reading

Test results

Test results

Wilson had been showing some worrying symptoms lately, so I bought him a special test that would determine whether he was positive or negative in those most obvious affliction. Obviously I had to take a test as well in support. … Continue reading

Wilson’s new life in Second Life

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In episode 11 we reviewed a documentary about people spending more time on the game Second Life than living their first one. Being the dilligent researcher that he is, Wilson joined the world to see if he could make his … Continue reading

Why watch horror movies when you can live one?


It’s so cute it sucks out your soul!

Barack Obama brain surgery!


As you can see from this photograph of President Barack Obama there is something fishy going on with his head. There’s almost no chance it was a trick of the light, or a bad hair cut. We here at the … Continue reading

Don’t write off your dog’s corpse just yet!


Here are the hilarious pictures we mentioned in this week’s episode about the man teaching people how to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to their dogs. For anyone genuinely interested in saving their pet’s life visit this website: See, … Continue reading